Steer Clear Of These Ingredients In Vegan Makeup

People who choose the vegan lifestyle i.e., vegan diet, tend to go all the way, even choosing vegan cosmetic products. Using vegan products means that you completely shift to items that are not derived from and tested upon animals. Nowadays, due to pressure from vegan consumers strictly against animal cruelty, more companies like Eco Minerals Vegan Friendly have decided to manufacture 100% natural and 100% vegan makeup products.

If you are making the lifestyle shift then ensure the following products are not used in vegan cosmetics:

  • Vegan products do not have ingredients like animal fats or oils, honey, beeswax, etc. because they are believed to be obtained as a threatening result to the species.
  • Lanolin and Albumen are mostly used in creams and lotions for its moisturizing properties but since Lanolin is extracted from the wool of a sheep and Albumen from egg whites, they are not used in vegan makeup products.
  • Collagen is used in lotions and lipsticks to make them plump and firm. It is extracted from the bones of dead animals.
  • Makeup brushes are actually manufactured with animal hair; therefore, it is also not acceptable for people with a vegan lifestyle.
  • Products such as eye shadows, nail polishes or blushes contain a substance called Guanine. These are fish scales that have been removed and manufactured from the bodies of dead fish.


Since everything used to manufacture traditional makeup products has been derived from animal by products or skin, vegan makeup is free from them all.

Vegan makeup products are manufactured by companies that respect the demands of individuals with a vegan lifestyle. They tend to eliminate all animal-cruelty products. Purchase and use eco-friendly makeup products that include 100% vegan ingredients.

Steer Clear Of These Ingredients In Vegan Makeup

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