Where Are The Men in The Church?

I was attending a church service, recently, where the pastor invited all the volunteers who were involved in Sunday school teaching to come to the front.

In order to recognize them before the congregation and thank them for their service and dedication. As the folks responded to the call and made their way to the front, it became in view that "all" were women.

It always hits me hard in the core of my being when I see how few men get involved in Church. Yet, when I looked around, there were many men sitting in the pews. In another Church, twenty people came forward of which two were men. You can check https://www.soundofheaven.church/ online to know more about the church services.

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You might say, yes but this is Sunday school. That's not for men. Well, I beg you to differ. Men have more impact on children than women.

Women bring a fundamental nurture and love but men bring the other side of life's equation. Children need the example and teaching of both male and female always, whether in Church or at home or school.

When studies show that the majority of church employees and volunteer workers are women, no wonder that over 70 percent of the boys who are being raised in church will abandon it during their teens and twenties. Many of them will never return.

Men will be accountable to God for this lack of responsibility to the call of God. Many children who attend Sunday school are from broken or dysfunctional families where the male presence or strength and leadership are lacking.

Men's presence in Sunday school would give that missing masculine balance in a lot of youngsters to make a lifetime difference.

Where Are The Men in The Church?

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