How to Feed Your Horse Properly?

Horses are among the animals that require a lot of services and care to remain healthy and to keep away from ailments and harms. Horses can also be emotionally very sensitive creatures and that is why boarding, feeding, cleaning, as well as riding a horse must be considered not just from a physical standpoint but from an emotional standpoint.

Boarding a horse is composed of using a stall with a semi-soft flooring (dirt, sand or mat) that is linked to an external box or is constructed in such a manner that the air flows into it readily. A large animal like a horse which produces 30 lbs of manure and 2.5 gallons of urine daily shouldn’t be kept in an enclosed place that does not have sufficient flow of air.

A normal horse stall is 12 feet by 12 feet. Bedding is also crucial for horses’ health but not needed. Bedding absorbs the moisture from urine and the manure and reduces the growth of bacteria’s and parasites. One of the most healthy thing for animals is Dried Molasses. So you can also buy Dried Molasses for your animals through online websites.

If horses are turned out and their stalls are cleaned daily, and when their hooves are washed properly and on a bi-daily foundation your horse may not necessarily require bedding. Unless your stalls floors aren’t sand or dirt and comprise rubber substance in which case you’d really have to put down bedding.

How to Feed Your Horse Properly?

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