Identifying Polybutylene Pipe

Polybutylene Pipe (“PB”) is a non-rigid sometimes curved, usually gray (or silver or black) plastic pipe used in indoor plumbing. The fittings/joints on the PB pipe, such as elbow and tee-shaped joints may be gray acetal plastic inserts or aluminum/metal inserts.

The poly pipe connectors are generally barbed using a crimp ring or compression using a metal or plastic ferrule.

The very best method of identifying polybutylene pipe is to get your pipes inspected by a plumber or knowledgeable home inspector. While inspectors generally can’t determine if there is deterioration in poly piping, it may be verified if you’ve poly piping in your dwelling. Browse online websites If you want to know more about round stainless steel (which is also known as “สแตนเลสทรงกลม” in the Thai language)

Poly piping may be used anywhere in the houses plumbing system – typically its existence can be determined by checking the attachments under home sinks, near hot water heaters, or resulting in bathrooms.

Other areas to observe could include basements, crawlspaces, or attics. Also look at outside locations including the houses main water shutoff valve, or attachment to your homes water meter.

Another place where poly piping might have been installed is the incoming water supply line to the house. This pipe is very prone to failure and suddenly bursting. If this sort of pipe is observed as the incoming water supply line, it is advised that it be replaced as soon as possible.

There’s another form of piping, PEX piping – which is more dependable than poly piping but is also known to be colored blue. It shouldn’t be confused with poly piping.

Identifying Polybutylene Pipe

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