The Real Estate Investments

Lots of people would argue that investing in real estate is just one of the safest and most exciting methods of building up your retirement accounts or even generating current income. 

Sure you’ll most likely hire an inspector to perform an official review but you are going to need to go in yourself with your own checklist and poke around so that you get a good idea about what you are getting yourself into before it is too late to back out.

So this is my personal inspection checklist that I prefer to use before buying a new house. You may use this for both property investments in addition to purchasing a house for your own living usage. Click on HUA HIN PROPERTY AGENCY if you are interested in more info about Real Estate Investments.

First I begin in the cellar because often times flaws in the home are more evident down there. What you want to search for are any lumps in the walls and search for any fresh patches which were applied or some other high water marks. Also look for cracks in the plaster or for crumbling mortar.

Look around on the ground and look for signs of any leaks or even seepage of any sort. Plus note the way the air smells. Is there a moist odor in the air? If so that may indicate flood. Also, keep a lookout for a spare sump pump or a hidden sump pomp since that might indicate regular flooding also.

You will also want to look at the basement pipes for any sort of corrosion. Hot water pipes must always be copper and insulated, while cold water pipes will be either plastic or aluminum.

Check the fuse box, generally speaking, 16 to 20 circuits will be necessary for an 8 to 12 room home so take a few minutes to check just to be sure as you’d be amazed how often there are not enough circuit breakers to match our contemporary technological needs.

The Real Estate Investments

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