Buy Luxury Homes in Singapore

Given the new terms which have emerged in the past few decades, such as “super-prime”, “super luxury”, “uber-luxury” and “ultra luxury”, how can we classify properties in their various categories in order to aid our investment choices? While there are a variety of factors which may determine the classification of a house, we could filter down to seven important ones. They are:

1. Location
2. Price
3. Size
4. Layout
5. Furnishings (interior and external)
6. Neighbouring houses and conveniences
7. Security

For a small country like Singapore where land is scarce, factors like size and immediate environment are notched up higher on the priority ladder. Within a closely crowded town, to appeal to the emotional demands of distance, property developers have assembled Townhouses – won houses set within a condo. Check out New condo launch in Singapore’s premium locations for buying a condo.

In the case of Singapore, what’s more, townhouses aren’t limited to foreign ownership unlike bunch and landed housings. This provides foreigners that are utilized to landed living an alternative housing option.

Designed to match home-owners’ discerning lifestyle requirements, townhouse collections may feature a spacious and multi-story living room.

With more than three thousand square feet, each townhouse can come in the form of four bedrooms, two stories, a roof terrace, and a basement with two personal car lots. Residents can enjoy direct access to the swimming pool and lush gardens in the backyard.

Buy Luxury Homes in Singapore

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