Salehoo v Worldwide Brands – Top Questions

In addition to my recent reviews of Worldwide Brands and Salehoo, I want to answer some questions I've been sent about both wholesaler directories.

Is Worldwide Brands larger than Salehoo?

Both WWB and Salehoo list about the same number of drop shippers and wholesalers, at 8,000+ as of 2017.  However, from their suppliers Worldwide Brands has about 16 million products in their database while Salehoo has only 1.5 millio, so Worldwide Brands is much larger in terms of wholesale products on offer.

Are Salehoo and Worldwide Brands safe to buy from?

Yes, both directories put effort into checking every supplier before adding them to their databases.  Salehoo screen suppliers while Worldwide Brands research them by visiting their warehoues or at least placing orders to check response times.

How much do they both cost?

Salehoo costs $67 per year, every year that you are a member, and Worldwide Brands has a one time memebership fee of $299.  In the short term WWB is much more expensive, but after a few years it evens out.  There are some discounts and coupons available for both directories.

Do they both have suppliers in the USA?

The United States is the largest market for both of these directories, so yes the choice in the United States is very significant with both Worldwide Brands and Salehoo.  That will be the case with most competitors too.

Salehoo v Worldwide Brands – Top Questions

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