The Era of Social Media

We have all heard the expression, "Fifteen minutes of fame!" And the chance of achieving that's never been more widespread than in this era of reality shows, the World Wide Web, and social media. You had to be a toddler falling to get to the status of a star, but these days is a Twitter, misquoted vulnerability or Facebook post via a video.

The Psychology of Social Media

As tweets and articles were created within microseconds of the information hitting the 24, after the death of Osama Bin Laden, fingers were flying. One such Tweet imputed a stand against needing our enemy passing to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Through research and the quest for the origin of the quotation that was stated, it was revealed that the quotation was either a scam or a mistake. Motivation and the origin of this misquote turned into the fact and a question hasn't yet been discovered.

What is it that motivates that Facebook article that has people or the tweet in an individual's head? In dealing with media that is social, it is a topic. Taking a look at both different types of networking avenues, remind us to create guidelines when creating networking plans for business and private and business, may provide a perspective.

As people might not disclose their emotions, feelings or character through their profiles the psychology of personal networking postings can be as diverse as the people typing on the keyboard and not interpretable. A poll of college-aged women found reasons for posts had to do with hook-ups or social events with a love interest. 

The Era of Social Media

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