Street murals; the latest trend in city makeover

With the change of seasons, the city also starts getting the new look all over again. Colorful shades of new fresh leaves, flowers and beautiful clear sky give a natural makeover in specific seasons. Don’t worry; you can also get this makeover done to your city any time around the year. Thanks to the all-new art of murals and graffiti that could transform the mar look of the locality with just a few strokes of some colors and designs.  A group of people who are experienced in the field of art with their wide arena of imagination shows their love towards their city by giving it a new look through their paintbrush.

Courtesy: queensland

These Street art murals in Australia, if you see from deep within holds a meaning which exhibits the love for their city. To make the city more attractive and presentable that too uniquely is the motive behind. To the general public, it creates a sense of belongingness while to the visitors it is a centre of attraction which they find the best way to enjoy watching while walking down the streets.

The group of the artists is not a very common gang of fellows but unique artists with a different outlook towards beautification of buildings and streets to give a new look to the mundane brick and cement structures. 

Whenever a walker passes by the street beautifully designed with different types of murals and wall drawings, they get the essence of love for the city and an initiative to develop the aesthetic nature of the place.

Street murals; the latest trend in city makeover

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