Espresso Machine Reviews and How to Choose One

There is no doubt that there are espresso lover all over the world, and the espresso machine become more and more popular on the market, there are some brands like Delonghi, Nespresso and Breviller are getting well- accepted by lots of customers.

In this page, I like to give some espresso machine models recommendation to you, for I think this article may help you select the right one for you.

Breville Barista Express is good for it can make it possible to control over the grind. And this model looks good, as least left me a deep impression at the first sight I saw it.

Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Maker is a very popular model is also recommended if you want a machine which is able to make high quality espresso in a very short time. Within 30 seconds, you can get a perfect cup of coffee.

Another model of this brand is DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300, this model is super- automatic. Although it works a little bit noisier than other coffee maker, but I think the performance of this model is not bad.

The Krups Espressaria Fully Automatic Espresso Machine is suitable for big family or small office. Besides, you can use big large cup for the drinks it made for you. But remember, this machine is only uses the full coffee beans.

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Espresso Machine Reviews and How to Choose One