5 Tips for Pulling Cable


Cable pulling requires some techniques which should be followed, in order to keep the cable intact and last long. Cable trailers require heavy loads or Automotives to be transported from one place to another and cover a lot of distance, avoiding any life threatening hazards.

Here are 5 tips for pulling a cable, which ensure safety while transportation:

1. Always plan:

You should always plan the entire process, in the light of proper research, keeping in mind all the physics and chemistry involved in the process.

2. Conduit-cable clearance:

There should always be some space left between the inner top side of the conduit, and the top most cable. At least a distance of 0.75 inches for smaller installations, and at least 1 inch distance of the conduit from the cable is favorable for bigger installations.

3. Choose your tools:

A fish tape is used to pull cable through conduit, allowing it to be pulled more efficiently. Always use the right tools for pulling cable!

4. Jamming ratio:

Jamming ratio needs to be calculated, of the 3 cables which are lodged around each other, which usually happens when the cable twists or bends.

5. Use lubrication:

Lubrication is used to avoid friction between the conduits and the duct pulls. It is, however, advisable to use only the type of lubrication suitable for cables, since oil or grease type of lubricant is not supposed to be used around cables.

These are the tipics you need to keep in mind. 

5 Tips for Pulling Cable