Whiplash Trauma an Epidemic in Our Society!

Whiplash can be a term widely used to spell it out the kinds of injuries sustained by automobile accident victims whose cars and trucks were struck from powering. The real loss of whiplash, however, would be the chronic pain and battling experienced by many whiplash patients’ even years later. As chiropractic care is critical in obtaining perfect outcome following whiplash tension, we encourage patients to learn up to they can about the nature of their problem. This question will help in sharpen your expertise in whiplash. Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor is the clinic of a best chiropractor expert whom you can contact without any doubt.

True or False

1. If any evidence that is significant, long-standing physical damage occurs towards victims of rear impact automobile accidents.

FALSE: Studies conclude degenerative changes such as spondylosis and osteoarthritis occur from the cervical spines (necks) of those injured in whiplash accidents in 40-60% of cases in comparison to only 6% of era. These degenerative changes are significant in that they'll impair mobility, produce pain and may cause everlasting and progressively detrimental effects around the nervous system. They are usually, however, in many circumstances reversible if correct cure is administered early. Call our office if you'd like more information about the best treatment for whiplash accidents.

2. Headrests should be positioned in order that the top of the headrest reaches earlobe level, and the headrest reaches least two inches through the back of the go.

FALSE: Correct positioning of the headrest is such that the top of headrest needs to be between the top of ear and top of the head, and there should be at most two inches between the rear of the head plus the headrest. The height positioning is important as a way to limit the "ramping" effect that can occur in rear-impact crashes. Ramping occurs when the head is violently accelerated up and in the head restraint, resulting in greatly amplified shear forces around the neck and cervical back. Similarly, studies show that headrests positioned over two inches away through the back of head offer almost no protection in rear-end crashes.

3. The forces generated inside a 15 m. p. they would rear impact collision is similar to falling from a chair.

FALSE: Surprising though this sound, the forces generated inside a 15 m. p. they would rear impact collision are similar to falling from the top of a two story building! It is why very low rate rear impact collisions can easily produce significant soft structure injury, even when minor damage was incurred to vehicle.

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Whiplash Trauma an Epidemic in Our Society!