How to Erase an Arrest Record

An arrest record of any person is a court record kept as a criminal history. In all the other countries, it cannot be erased or undone. The record will always be there, archived. 

However, a petition to have the arrest record cleared can be filed. But some substantial requirements and provisions must be complied with. Once approved, the record will still be kept, but the court will not let any person or agency to see it. 

The arrest record cannot be erased. It is kept and filed by the court in the archive. This is a practice anywhere in the world. 

An arrested person, duly cleared by the court, can be given the opportunity to apply for employment. It is imperative that someone who was previously arrested but was later vindicated should file the petition to “clear” his/her record.

The life, in general, of someone who was arrested, regardless if he/she was convicted or not, is changed forever. If he/she has not petitioned to clear, his/her traveling opportunities will continue to be limited, if not totally deprived. Leaving one's country is virtually impossible and securing legal documents is even more difficult.

If the person is applying for a job, the chances of getting hired would be subjected to scrutiny. Background checks conducted would eventually deny the person of equal opportunity to be employed. Qualifications do not matter if there are criminal or arrest histories.

Therefore, the only way for a previously arrested person to become part of society again, he/she must petition for his/her arrest record to be cleared.

How to Erase an Arrest Record