Rivalry of the same city

The world of football perhaps considered to be one of the most popular and played sports in the world these days. There are countless players in this sport globally, competing around the clock almost everyday in different time zones.

There are many interesting things in the world of football. One of the well known ones is the rivaly of the same city.

This situation happen when there are more than just one football club competing on the same level of competition come from the same city.

Some of the well known ones are Manchester United FC and Manchester City FC in the city of Manchester, competing on the same English Premier League ( EPL). There are also Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC in the city of London competing on the same league as well.

Outside of United Kingdom, Italy has AC Milan and Inter Milan from the city of Milan competing on the Seria A league in Italy.

How interst this could be

Well, it has been a common view that the rivalry of the same city clubs can extend into some serious issues from time to time. Particularly when both clubs are competing into almost anything, from the level in the league up to who’s get the best players from the open market.

Compare to competing to another city’s club, rivalry of the same city can create more intens situation to the city, not to mention countless clashes of supporters once the match is held in town. For an abvious security measure, it happen before that authorities must transfer the match to some other place, even outside the country for the 2 clubs from the same city, simply just because of the risk of supporters clashes are too big for the match to be held in either one of their stadium.

Rivalry of the same city