Natural Products Enhances Skin Texture


Healthy skin adds the confidence of the women. Woman with heathy skin are more confident in applying makeup as it adds the beauty of skin even further. Challenge comes for retaining healthy skin after applying makeup several times. It is even more challenging for women having oily skin texture.

Oily skin release excess oil than required and blog the pores which deteriorate the skin. Applying makeup upon such skin is challenging as makeup further blogs the pore and rather than looking graceful through makeup one ends up looking oilier. Oily skin needs to breath this gives freshness to skin.

Mineral makeup is boon for oily skin as it does not clog the pores and make the skin to breath. This keep skin fresh all day long. Best mineral foundation for oily skin is recommended by dermatologist. One must go for good mineral foundation when have oily or sensitive skin. Mineral foundation enhances the skin quality with regular usage. Presence of natural ingredients in mineral foundation makes the life span of foundation longer than traditional foundation.

Major problem arises when women with oily skin needs to wear makeup for all day long in such circumstances tradition makeup makes the looks even worse. On the other hand, mineral makeup stays for longer time and do not harm the skin.

Absence of chemicals in mineral foundation make it compatible with all kind of skin texture and make the skin texture even better with regular usage.

Natural Products Enhances Skin Texture

Different Types Of Foundations

Gone are the days when you could find only a handful of foundations on the market. These days a variety of cosmetic companies are selling innumerable foundations that cater to the different needs of makeup enthusiasts everywhere.


Foundation application is, without a doubt, a crucial part of any person’s eco makeup routine. The wide variety of foundations available, however, might confuse you. For your ease, we’ve compiled a list of the different types of foundation: 

  1. Liquid Foundation: Liquid foundations range from medium to full coverage. They are usually best for normal to dry skin.
  2. Oil-based Foundation: This adds moisture to the skin and instantly plumps it up, which is why it’s perfect for anyone with dry or mature skin.
  3. Matte/ Oil-Free Foundation: Made especially for women with oily skin, matte foundations are water based and mattify the skin.
  4. Mousse/ Whipped Foundation: This type of foundation is weightless, matte and smooth to the touch. It suits all skin types.
  5. Stick Foundation: This type of foundation works best for normal to oily skin and has a tendency to cake up on dry or mature skin.
  6. Powder/ Compact Foundation: This is foundation in powder or compact form and is best suited for use by women with oily skin.
  7. Mineral Foundation: Mineral foundations are made with minerals, extracted from nature, and are best for women with sensitive or mature skin.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of foundation available in the market, you can pick and choose whichever foundation suits you best!

Different Types Of Foundations