YouTube Adds Video Advertising Using Google Ad Words Platform

Recently YouTube added a beta version of video advertising using the Google Ad Words platform. I am currently trying to get familiar with the software.

Although you could always advertise your video via Google Ad Words, doing it through your YouTube account will now have a simpler platform to manage your advertising. It will all be geared advertising your videos. You can read this post here to know more idea about the video advertising.


So what does this mean to the small business owner? Basically, it now makes it much easier for you to compete using video advertising online. Actually, I feel that this is very likely the way that the entire online advertising market is going, simply because online users are more and more inclined to watch the video.

How can small business owners use the service? Well ideally you'll want to have several different videos, and campaigns to match those videos. For example, let's say your restaurant is in the uptown area of your city.

Even though there's competition all around you, you can have a video ad targeted for that specific area when people are doing online searches – such as perhaps "uptown restaurants", or "Italian restaurant". You can then have your video displayed in the search results when these types of searches get keyed in.

Since the person doing the search is obviously in a buying frame of mind, you will find advertising like this has a very high click through rate (CTR), because it's exactly what the search was intended for.

YouTube Adds Video Advertising Using Google Ad Words Platform