How to Prepare for Dog Training?

Preparing for dog training starts even before the dog starts living in the same house. This means choosing the right dog that is suitable for your lifestyle. There are many breeds to choose from. Each of these breeds has its own characteristics. For instance, dog breeds such as Spaniels, Siberian Husky, Japanese Chin are perfectly suitable for people who live semi-active lifestyles. These people are capable of giving the dog enough hours of exercise without tiring themselves out.

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On the other hand, dogs that require lots of activities are perfectly suitable for people who live highly active lifestyles. For these people, 3 hours of playtime is acceptable and they even have some energy left for other activities. The important thing when choosing a dog is to be honest about your lifestyle. Prospective dog owners should not get a dog of a certain breed just because it may motivate them to make a huge change in their life.

After choosing the right breed, dog owners can then move on to the next step of dog training: mentally preparing themselves for the challenge ahead. It is important for dog owners to be mentally prepared to take on the process of training their dogs. They have to understand that mistakes are bound to happen during the training period, specifically in terms of urine or poop elimination. If a dog owner is not prepared to be kind and consistent, then there is a huge chance that he may

The next step in the process is to ensure that the dog is well-prepared. This entails ensuring that the following is covered:

The dog’s health – Make sure that your dog received all the necessary vaccines for everyone’s safety. Some of the recommended vaccines include Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper. Note that taking care of your dog’s health also entails investing in regular grooming rituals. This ensures that any pests he may caught while potty training at the park are completely eliminated. It also lessens the amount of time that dog owners spend in cleaning up their furniture.

The rewards – Choosing rewards for dogs can be done in the same way as choosing rewards for a human child. The reward has to be something that is of real value to him, but if the dog hasn’t been around long enough to know his preferences, the owner can do a simple test to determine this.

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Next, go to a different part of the house and do the same experiment, this time using a toy or a game as motivation. Do the same experiment using only words of praise. Now, check which motivating factor got the best reaction from him. This is indicated by which reward elicited the most number of positive responses. That should be his reward during training.

How to Prepare for Dog Training?