All About Jute Bags


Jute is a natural fibre derived from the outer skin and stem of the jute plant. It is also known as “the golden fibre” as it has shinny golden colour and also because of its financial worth. It is valued for it wide ranges of usability and its versatility.

It is commonly used for manufacturing jute fabric and many other types of fabrics that include scrim, canvas and hessian. These fabrics are used in upholstery, clothing, and soft furnishing and for packaging. Its by-products are used in cosmetics, medicines and paints.

It is also used to make corporate promotional products. Below are a few reasons for using jute to make eco-friendly bags and other products:

  • It is entirely compostable and bio-degradable material, which helps to reduce landfills.
  • It can easily be recycled.
  • Jute bags can be reused for a longer time.
  • Growing jute does not require any kind of fertilizer or pesticides.
  • The crop of jute reaches maturity in less than 6 months of time. It also offer larger amount of produce in lesser area of land. It requires less land as compared to other crops.
  • It absorbs large amount of carbon dioxide from environment.
  • The woody part of jute plant which is called hurd has the potential to fulfil a large amount of wood need of the world. According to research it is not used to its full potential currently. If used correctly it can reduce the effects of deforestation.

These are few reason jute is used to make different kind of eco-friendly products.

All About Jute Bags