Measures To Be Taken In Erecting Scaffold As Per Occupational Health And Safety Standards

Scaffolds are widely used in the construction and building operations. Safety must be given priority while undertaking service of Scaffolding Hire. Though some Scaffold Hire companies provide service of erection or dismantling, it must follow Scaffolding Code Of Practice 2009:

Risk of falling

It provides actions to be taken to prevent risk of falling from scaffolds. It includes:

  • Identification of hazard causing such falls

  • Risk assessment

  • Control Assessment

Type of Hazards :

Poor environment conditions such as rain/winds

Material, equipment in adjoining area such as rubbish skip, picket fences

Incomplete or loose ends of scaffolds

Inadequate training, awareness

Additional Safe Work Practices

  • Fittings and other connections should be tightened properly.

  • Use designed loading platforms

  • Limit the load and number of workers on one scaffold at a time

  • Before erecting scaffold on awning, consider getting engineer’s certificate

  • Prevent weights on guardrails. Do not climb on it.

  • Ensure maximum internal gap on scaffolding is 225mm

  • A methodology must be developed and a work sequenced must be planned in advance. Allocate specific task to each scaffolder.

 Dismantling of Scaffolding

    Safety measures must be taken while dismantling the scaffolds. Hazards may tend to happen if not properly dismantled like loss of property, scaffolds may collapse and fall at persons. Some measures are:

  • Edge protection and any means of access can be removed as the scaffolding is dismantled.

  • An emergency platform of 450mm wide must be used at each level of dismantling

  • Ensure that platform immediately below dismantling level  has full set of planks across its width.

 Scaffold Alteration

    Alteration is a crucial task and control measures must be taken thoroughly :

  • Designer is consulted before making any changes

  • Alterations are made by a competent person

  • Systems and controls are in place

Fall Arrest Systems

    These are used to prevent a person from falling. Very effective procedure to prevent risk of death, however can be used only during:

  • the erection and dismantling of cantilevered scaffolds prior to or when removing the initial platform

  • the fixing and removal of trolley tracks on suspension rigs

Measures To Be Taken In Erecting Scaffold As Per Occupational Health And Safety Standards